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We know the power of great digital assets paired with ambitious ideas and their ability to create lasting impact on our lives. We create omni-presence by attaching your brand to every connectable media channel. There’re no shortcuts while building exceptional brands and we believe, the right people, technology, vision and infrastructure helps complete that connection.

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Our clients, keep us in business. Our results, keep them coming back. Our service and quality keeps them referring us to associates. Without them, we wouldn’t exist, we are grateful.

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We are a group of futuristic, traditional and unconventional thinkers. We build sustainable relevance for brands across a broad spectrum of emerging areas in an attention-driven era. We combine our omni-present propriety technology with experienced story telling to grow brands. The following describes our scope of solutions, however we customize to your brand needs.


We create state of the art, fully functional & integrated websites that work, as hard as you do, to grow your business exponentially.

Sales Funnels

We can convert your traffic into leads then into customers by guiding them through your product or service sales process.


We brand your online store and/or connect to third-party channels such as Amazon, Walmart, Offer Up, E-Bay and more.


We can build your unlimited membership online platform. Start selling workout plans, restricted content, and much more.


We register, connect, transfer, buy, sell, broker, and lease thousands of domains globally to expand your online ecosystem.


Let’s build your audience! Start your own online course or classes selling your exercise plans, courses, masterminds and more.


We improve the quality and quantity of traffic to websites from search engines via on-page, local and keyword S.E.O.


Maximize online success with your branded scheduling system to charge, manage bookings, appointments and meetings.

Local Listing

We make sure your business details are correctly listed on the popular local sites, online directories and mobile apps.

Social Media

Our Social Media Marketing enables brands to connect with their audience, increase sales, drive traffic their website & more.

QR Codes

Our QR Code creates a scannable informational image that can instantly be read using any smart device camera.


We brand by creating a distinct identity (face) for your business in the mind of your target audience and consumers.

NFC Tech

Our NFC technology enables sharing communication between two electronic devices over a short distance.


We Design your creation and iteration of visual assets, for the purpose of advertisement, branding, sales and more.


We expand your marketing mix to grow your business with digital billboard space anytime, anywhere, and on any budget.


Our Print Marketing targets place advertisements in locations where they will be read, seen, or engaged with offline.


Email is the most trusted way to connect with your leads, customers and staff. Utilize our built in Email Marketing System.


We create and connect voice features designed for reaching audiences who are specially utilizing any voice device.


Our Video Marketing raises awareness, creates engagement, drives traffic and sales to your specific marketing campaign.


Our Map Marketing is an easy way to reach prospective buyers locally via Google Map locations, directions and commands.


We create Authors, by ghost-writing books with marketing efforts to help sell books, reach readers and create best sellers.


We help protect your brand’s online reputation. Utilizing reviews through Google, Facebook, email, texts and more.


We create audio snippets, promoting your services or products by placing commercial segments on the radio broadcast.


We ether create or get you interviewed, using tactics geared towards growing your audience and awareness via a podcast.


Reach customers where it’s convenient for them, and stay top of mind with automated text messages, birthday alerts and more.


Our Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage content with multiple contributors to create, edit and publish.


Get your PR, Earned Media and Distribution on over 200 influential news sites that receive over 100 million visitors a month.


From checking out customers to managing inventory, our POS app has everything you need to manage your business your way.


Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM), manages your leads, customers, team, projects and keeps you organized.


Brand your employees with attire that fits for both personal and professional use. Or start up a new clothing line all together.


We can effectively run multi-channel ads across Social, Influencers, Search, Radio, TV, Maps, SMS, Billboards, Podcast & Streaming.

Store Design

We can creatively brand your business location or floor plans, including displays, furniture, fixtures, signage and lighting.


API an (Application Programming Interface). We create API’s for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other.


We create A.I. (Artificial intelligence) to leverage cpu and machine learning to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making.

Mobile App

We can create your custom branded Mobile App designed to run on a iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon devices.


We can multi-channel Marketplace your products to connect buyers on platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more.


We create unique NFT’s, a (non-fungible token). These cryptographic assets are based on blockchain technology.

Cloud VPS

We can create your VPS, on its own OS, utilizing VPN protocols with workloads without impacting, system up/down times.


We create Web3 based infrastructures that correlate with decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics.

VoIP Phone

We can connect VoIP calling any time, from anywhere, on any device to accelerate your employee and customer connections.

Relevance Make’s Brands,


We manage the deployment of digital assets. We enjoy working with extraordinary brands, who share our omni-present vision to propel brand relevance in an attention driven culture.

Media Group Management,

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